About Us

Cleaning Without the Headache

The Problem

In our fast-paced world we’re constantly connected, engaged and over-stimulated, and the cleaning industry is no exception. Cleaning agents overloaded with ingredients and chemicals aren’t just overpowering our senses, causing headaches and coughing, they can actually cause larger health issues.

The Capri Solution

Essential oils derived from plants have been clinically proven to kill bacteria and germs without the toxicity of commercial cleaners. Our plant-based cleaners provide all the benefits of aromatherapy with our rejuvenating therapeutic oils without polluting your home. You can learn more about our aromatherapy-based cleaning and how you can renew your home environment by signing up for our newsletter.

We created Capri Essentials for everyone who wants to re-focus on what’s most important in life – the essentials. We believe in using natural formulations blended with our aromatic essential oils that not only power through dirt and grime, but actually make people, and their homes, feel more balanced. The average woman spends 4 hours per week cleaning, so why shouldn’t she enjoy it more? With Capri, we hope to do just that.